Coldren Clinton W exercises 40,930,762 shares of North American Energy Resources, Inc (NAEY) stock
AUSTIN,, TX —Coldren Clinton W exercised 40,930,762 shares of North American Energy Resources, Inc (NAEY) stock as noted in an SEC Filing today. View items submitted with this filing: form4.xml (sec.gov)
Energy Holdings International, Inc. (EGYH) Enters Into A Joint Venture With Rasan Energy Holding Company (K.S.C.) Of Kuwait With Initial Investment Fund Of $60 Million USD To Acquire North America Proven Oil And Gas Assets And To Increase The Extraction Of Shale Oil And Gas From Oil Reserves In The US
The joint venture will be owned 50/ 50 between Energy Holdings International, Inc. and Rasan Energy Holding and will be jointly owned and operated via a new holding company "Energy Vest 1". The joint venture between Energy Holdings International, Inc. and Rasan is a stepping stone into the acquisition and investment in the Energy market in the United States and...
EmberClear Reports Cease Trade Order
EmberClear Corp. announced today that the Alberta Securities Commission has issued a cease trade order effective as of October 30, 2014 as a result of the Company not having filed its annual audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2014 and the related management's discussion and analysis and certificates, which were required to be filed by...
Coastal Wins Award
Coastal Integrated Services Inc., is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Simply Lids Inc., has won a prestigious innovative new product award at the Seattle Coffee Fest Show. Challenged by every other possible innovation in the coffee industry, Simply Lids was the only winner in the beverage lid category. John Newman, President of COLV stated...
First Mountain Exploration Ltd. Announces Passing of Chairman William (Bill) Ambrose
First Mountain Exploration Ltd. regrets to announce the passing of Mr. Contacts: First Mountain Exploration Ltd. Bill Slipp President and Director 453-2266, ext. 227. Source: First Mountain Exploration Ltd..


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