Turner Valley Oil & Gas, Inc. Announces New Management and Mergers & Acquisition Plans
Turner Valley Oil& Gas, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen C. Helm as CEO and Chairman and the launch of the Company’ s Merger& Acquisition Plans. As its CFO and throughout his career he funded in excess of $500 million of structured debt and portfolio permanent credit facilities from $500 K to $20 million for all core property types.
Exall Energy Corporation Announces Annual Meeting Director Voting Results
Exall Energy Corporation is pleased to announce the detailed director voting results of its Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on June 2, 2014. At the Annual Meeting, the shareholders elected Stephen G. Roman, Frank S. Rebeyka, Bernard A. Lang, Roger Dueck, Roderick Phipps, D. Allan Menzies, and Wayne Egan to the Company's board of directors. Contacts: Exall Energy...
Petrofac Training Services Announces New Vice President for Europe and the Americas
Petrofac Training Services, part of Petrofac Group, the international service provider to the oil and gas industry, announced the hiring of Pedro Vergel as vice president of Western Hemisphere for Petrofac Training. "I'm delighted to be joining Petrofac in a role where I can bring my global experience and understanding of the client perspective in order to...
Columbia Yukon Announces Changes to Management and Its Board of Directors and Increased Focus on the Development of Its Storie Property Molybdenum Project, BC
Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Kynoch and Paul Champagne as Directors, Edward Yurkowski as interim President and Chief Executive Officer and Jimmy Mah as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary. Brian's career in mining has encompassed all aspects of exploration, permitting, development,...
Drilling Commenced on Boxxer's DOK Property
Boxxer Gold Corp. is pleased to announce that Continental Precious Minerals has commenced the 2014 diamond drill program on Boxxer's DOK Property in northwest BC as part of the previously announced option agreement. Jason Riley, CEO of Boxxer, stated, "We are excited to have commenced the drilling program to test the depth extent of the mineralization exposed...


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